What is WizKey?

WizKey is an Ethereum-based decentralized finance network designed to maximize the value of enterprises’ and banks’ receivables turning them into secure and liquid tokens.

Thanks to blockchain technology, WizKey platform cuts negotiation costs and automates processes which are usually long and repetitive.

WizKey provides banks and enterprises with an entrance to the global digital market enhancing the value of their assets and increasing their revenues streams.

What does WizKey do?

automates audit and due diligence processes

increases assets’ liquidity

save time and negotiation costs

creates new revenue streams

encourages participation

opens up new business opportunities


“The finance market is turning into a decentralized, global and digital market. Financial products will be a click away from banks, enterprises and investors. Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence are already changing the world of finance, opening up new business opportunities for those ready to embrace the change”


Unlocking receivables’ value is typically a long and complex activity.

What are the main challenges?

Coordinating several stakeholders
Managing long and complex activities (such as due diligence process)
Technological and organizational inefficiency in managing data and documents storage
Uncertainty regarding the credit ownership
Inefficiency during the receivables’ transfer process


Blockchain technology is rapidly changing the world of finance, opening up new business and market opportunities.

WizKey operates on Ethereum public network in order to assure the highest level of transparency and reliability on the registration and transmission of tokens (representing the receivables) and data (related to the receivables).


It is possible to automate the execution of contracts through a savvy use of smart contracts

Time Stamping

Each information is timestamped on the blockchain

Tamper Proofing

It is not possible to modify or corrupt data


There is not central authority that can alter and/or exploit our customers data


Decentralized systems are more secure and reliable than central systems

WizKey platform serves banks and enterprises
which want to enhance their receivables’ value


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