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About WizKey

Structured finance is an ever-evolving and dynamic sector, where a great expertise is needed to create a product that meets the real needs of the market operators. WizKey leverages decades of expertise in the field to deliver an end-to-end solution covering the entire value chain of credit. Smart data room, notarized negotiation and secondary market all at once.

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Financial markets are on their way to embrace new technological solutions that can be leveraged to improve traditional processes in a time and cost-effective manner. The digitalization of financial assets will generate a broad range of new instruments market operators can benefit from.
Wizkey contributes to define the future of the industry by supporting in a trustless way all the actors involved in the value chain of credit, maximizing the value of assets and enabling new opportunities.

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Our Team

WizKey was born from the extensive experience of its founders in the legacy sector of credit in order to streamline and improve traditional processes, maximizing the value of assets traded on the platform.
The team brings together a diverse set of professionals with a background in finance, law, IT and a track record of successful business launched.

Marco Pagani's profile, CEO at WizKey

Marco Pagani


Roberto Ghio's profile, Chairman of the Board at WizKey

Roberto Ghio

Chairman of the Board

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Dario Melpignano


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Luca Bianchi


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Lorenzo Nunzella


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Janos Tolgyesi

Blockchain Developer

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Diego Ferri

Blockchain Developer

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Valerio Franzoso


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Giacomo Franzoso

Research Development Lead

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Michele Dallorto

Business Development Manager

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Pietro Cascione

Full Stack Developer

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