Wizkey Platform

WizKey is an Ethereum-based decentralized network that serves structured financial transactions and receivable transfer processes such as securitization process, factoring and covered bonds issuance.

Combining cloud storage and AI with Blockchain technology enables market operators to:

save costs and time through a competitive and innovative data storage system mixing blockchain and cloud storage

automate due diligence processes and deals negotiation

ensure a better efficiency in terms of transparency and transfer of the receivables

access to the global digital market

WizKey concepts

Tokenizing Data Room

Smart Contract

Global Digital Market

Tokenizing Data Room

Information is the oil of the digital age.
The WizKey Tokenizing Data Room radically transforms the idea of data room

simplifies the due diligence processes

reduces costs and time associated to analysis and negotiation of the receivables’ transfer data

time-stamps data and documents to make them incorruptible and decrease information asymmetry

refers to a single asset, not to the whole transaction to increase the granularity of the transfer process

Each receivable is permanently linked to its own data room and it is represented by a token on the global digital market. The token is transferred to the assignee only when the transfer of the receivable occurs.

This system permits to cut negotiation costs when a successive transfer of the receivable occurs, avoiding the duplication of the due diligence activity.

Moreover, receivables are more valuable since all the information related to a single receivable is packed in a single and transferrable database.

Smart Contracts

Automation enables to disintermediate processes and cuts costs.

WizKey has created a set of smart contracts in order to:

create the tokenizing data room and link it to the receivable

tokenize the asset/receivable

store all the information related to receivable on the blockchain and update it in real time

standardize the receivables’ transfer process

create a receivable credit rating

Global Digital Market

The token representing the receivable is listed into the global digital market and is immediately transferable. Increased liquidity equals to lower discount rates required by investors, ensuring therefore higher revenues to the originator/transferor.

Increased liquidity equals to lower discount rates required by investors, ensuring therefore higher revenues to the originator/transferor.

WizKey has created a new protocol for the transfer of receivables based on the tokenizing data room and on a set of smart contracts. Such protocol enables market players to execute structured financial transactions with a click and decrease the information asymmetry between demand and offer.

This enables to create a global digital market for receivables.


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